Welcome to Schaefer Law Office

Schaefer Law Office is a Madison civil, employment and contract litigation firm that represents people who have suffered harm, physical or economic injury as a result of loss of employment, employment discrimination, breach of contract or other bad business practices.

Steven J. Schaefer is a trial lawyer with experience litigating all types of civil, employment and contract matters and has a proven record of obtaining excellent results. In over 30 years of private practice, he has represented a wide range of clients, both employers and employees; plaintiffs and defendants. This broad diversity of experience enables Mr. Schaefer to effectively craft successful strategies, analyze and isolate the important issues and anticipate the opposition’s arguments.

Schaefer Law Office operates on the philosophy that well reasoned arguments, thorough investigation, effective advocacy, hard work and a total commitment to excellence and honesty are the best methods for successfully resolving cases and earning the esteem of our clients and colleagues. Mr. Schaefer applies these principles to every case.