Firm Overview

Our Mission

The mission of Schaefer Law Office is to provide competent, thoughtful and effective legal consultation and representation, individually tailored to our clients’ specific needs and to provide our clients with accurate and reliable legal analysis and timely results. The objective of Schaefer Law Office is goal-oriented and cost-conscious, focusing upon quick, fair results to avoid unnecessary legal expense or prolonged litigation. Our clients are treated with respect and courtesy and all information regarding our clients’ affairs is maintained in strictest confidence.

Our Areas of Legal Practice

Schaefer Law Office represents and provides legal representation and consultation to clients in all aspects of civil, employment and contract litigation.

Legal Aspects of Employment

Schaefer Law Office provides legal services in the area of employment law, representing employers and employees involved in employment disputes, including employment discrimination, personnel and human resource matters, FMLA, employment contracts, separation agreements, non-competition agreements and all other legal aspects of employment.

Civil and Contract Disputes

Schaefer Law Office also represents individuals and small businesses in various kinds of contract disputes and business conflicts, including Breach of Contract, Failure to Perform Services, Adverse Possession and Property Disputes, Failure to Pay for Delivery of Good or Services, Partnership and Business Dissolutions, Insurance Coverage, Construction Disputes.